(Naples) Beatification of the Venerable Servant of God Maria Cristina of Savoy
TRH  the Duke and Duchess  of Noto, The Duchess  of  Calabria,  the  Duke  and Du-chess of  Castro, the  Duke  of Capua,  the Duchesses of Palermo and  Capri, Archdu-chess  Maria    and   Archduke  Simeon  of Austria,  Princess  Ines  de Borbon Dos Si-cilias de Carelli Palombi, Princess Beatrice de  Bourbon-Deux Siciles, Prince Casimiro di Borbone-Due Sicilie and his sons Prince Luigi Alfonso and  the Rev  Alessandro  di  Borbone - Due  Sicilie,  the Duke  of  Bra-ganza,   Archduke Martin  of Austria,   the Duke  of  Aosta  and  Princess  Maria Ga-briella di Savoia,  attended  the  Beatification and  afterwards paid ho-mage at the tomb of the Blessed Queen.

Queen Maria Cristina was the first wife of King Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies and mother of the last reigning King, Francis II.

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