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The Royal Arms

Per pale: Dexter, per pale: dexter, Quarterly of six: lst and 6th or, six fleurs de-lys az, one, two, two and one (Farnese of Parma); 2nd and 4th, gu, a fesse arg (Austria); 3rd and 5th, bendy of six or and az, a bordure gu (Burgundy Ancient); all debruised of an escutcheon arg charged with five escutcheons az in cross, each bearing five plates in saltire arg, all within a bordure gu, charged with seven castles or (Portugal). Sinister, on a fesse gu, a fesse arg (Austria); in chief, Quarterly: 1st and 4th, gu a castle or, masoned sa, port and fenestration az (Castile); 2nd and 3rd, arg, a lion rampant 9111 armed langued and crowned or (Leon); ente en pointe: arg, a pomegranate gu, stalked and leaved vert (Granada). In base, per fesse: in chief per bend-sinister in dexter-chief, bendy of six or and az, a bordure gu (Burgundy Ancient); in sinister base, or, a lion sa, armed and langued gu (Flanders); in base ax, nine fleurs-de-lys, three, three and three or, debruised of a label throughout of five points gu (Anjou). Sinister per pale: dexter per fess: in chief, per fess, or, four pallets gu (Aragon) impaling per saltire, palewise, or, four pallets gu (also for Aragon) and fessewise arg, an eagle displayed sa beaked and membered gu, crowned or (Sicily). In base az, eight fleurs de-lys or, three, two and three, within a bordure compony arg and gu (Burgundy Modem). In base, per fesse: in chief, in bend; in dexter base, arg, an eagle displayed gu, beaked, membered, crowned and trefle or (Tyrol); and in sinister chief, sa, a lion rampant or, armed and langued gu (Brabant). In base, arg a cross potent between four crosses humetty or (Jerusalem). Sinister, or, six torteaux, the chief most absconded by a heurte charged with three fleurs-de-lys or, the other five gu (Medicis of Tuscany). Over all an escutcheon of pretence az, three fleurs-de-lys or, a bordure gu (Bourbon-Anjou). The whole ensigned with the Royal Crown of the Two Sicilies and surrounded by the Collars of the Orders of Saint Januarius, Saint Ferdinand and of Merit, the Constantinian Order of Saint George and the Golden Fleece.