Conference: Monarchy and Exile, London, 14-15 December 2007

A two-day conference was held at the German Historical Institute
London, 17 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2NJ on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 December 2007.

The conference aimed to establish a coherent framework for studying monarchies and exile from c.1500 to the present, dealing with the topic on the organizational, the dynastic and the political levels. The conveners are Torsten Riotte, Frankfurt, and Philip Mansel, Society of Court Studies (SCS) London.

Speakers included (topic):
Karen Britland (Henrietta Maria); Edward Corp (James II and III); Peter Hicks (Napoleon I); Anna Keay (Charles II); Philip Mansel (Louis XVIII); Heidi Mehrkens (The Empress Eugénie); William O'Reilly (Charles VI);Toby Osborne (Marie de'Medici); Jim Retallack (Johann of Saxony); Torsten Riotte (George V/ Ernst August of Hanover); John Rohl  (Wilhelm II); W H C Smith (Napoleon III); Guy Stair Sainty (The Bourbons of Naples); Ferenc Toth (Ferenc Rákóczi) II; Emmanuel de Waresquiel (Louis XVIII during the Hundred Days).


9:30    Coffee Reception
10:00   Welcome:
  • Andreas Gestrich (Director of the German Historical Institute London)
  • Torsten Riotte (Frankfurt)
  • 10:15   Introduction: Monarchy and exile, Philip Mansel (London)

    Part I: Forms and definitions of exile

    10:45   Marie de Medici, Toby Osborne (Durham)
    11:30   Ferenc Rákóczi II, Ferenc Toth (Budapest)
    12:15   Charles VI, William O Reilly (Cambridge)

    13.00-15:00: Sandwich lunch

    Part II. Confession

    15:00   The shadow of a king ? Charles II of Great Britain in exile, Anna Keay (London)
    15:45   The Irish royalist elite of Charles II and the Caroline Stuart Court in exile, c. 1649-1660, John Jeremiah Cronin (Florence)

    16:30-16:45 Tea break

    15:00   Marie de Medici, Toby Osborne (Durham)
    15:45   Ferenc Rákóczi II, Ferenc Toth (Budapest)

    16:30-16:45 Tea break

    16:30   Exile or homecoming? Henrietta Maria in France, 1644-1660,
    Karen Britland (Keele)
    17:15   James II and III, Edward Corp (Toulouse)


    18:00-19.00 Wine reception

    There will be no formal conference dinner but a table has been arranged at a restaurant close to the premises.



    Part III. Revolution

    10:00   From Exile to the Throne: The Europeanisation of Louis XVIII, Philip Mansel (London)
    10:45   "L'exil et le pouvoir : Louis XVIII ŕ Gand sous les cent-jours (avril-juin 1815) , Emanuel de Waresquiel (Paris)
    11:30   Napoleon I, Peter Hicks (London)


    12:15-14:00 Sandwich lunch


    Part IV. Nation building

    14:00   The Bourbons of Naples, Guy Stair Saintry
    14:45   Napoleon III., William H.C. Smith (London)
    15:30   Empress Eugenie, Heidi Mehrkens (Braunschweig)

    16:15-16.45 Tea break

    16:45    Johann of Saxony, Jim Retallack (Toronto)
    17:30   George V/ Ernst August of Hanover, Torsten Riotte (Frankfurt)
    18:15   The Unicorn in Winter. Kaiser Wilhelm II in Amerongen and Doorn 1918-1941, John Rohl (Sussex)

    19:00       Final Discussion


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